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Case Knife Collectors resources on include information about Gerber Knifes, and more. We know you are looking for a great price on brand name knifes like benchmade knives: let us help you find what you want.

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On the down side, they are much more brittle than steel. The kick is the front edge locking surface of the blade. Escutcheon - this is a small pin or piece of metal attached to the handle for engraving, branding, or just decoration. Remember that adage about making laws and making sausages are two activities that should not be observed by the consumers or the electorate. Bone is usually given a surface texture, most commonly in the forms of pickbone and jigged bone. Defense and footwork are all merged together into combinational movements with the objective of disabling the attacker.

Case Knife Collectors Facts The point drops all the way down the center of the blade. Occasionally, people mention that the serrated edge looks intimidating to the masses. The only real excuse for use of that coating today would be to kill reflection. To 25 degrees is a good all-around angle. Bucks new process is very like that of robeson in the 1940s, in that the knife is sharpened only on one side and relies on the hardness and wear resistance of the titanium nitride to keep the knife sharp. If your knife is marked with just 440, it is probably the less expensive 440a; if a manufacturer had used the more expensive 440c, hed want to advertise that. See also Case Knives, and pages related to Case Knife Collectors.

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