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Case Pocket Knives make great gifts

Case Pocket Knives resources on include information about Kershaw Knives, and more. Welcome to the best online knife store, knifeworks. Buy case knifes here for a good price, and as always, let us know if you have any questions. These Case pocket knoves make great gifts for that special someone.

Case Pocket Knives Available

A second pin is fixed into the inside of one scale and extends into slot in the tang to lock the blade open. Very elegant material for pocket knives and gentlemens folding knvies. It was typically used on heavier swords to provide a place to grip with the second hand if needed. I always imagined it was 440-a, but theres nothing to keep a company from using any 4xx steel, like 420 or 425m, and calling it 400 series stainless. The daggers format provides the ultimate in piercing soft targets.

Case Pocket Knives Facts Non-stainless carbon and alloy steelsthere are a wide variety of non-stainless steels used in knifemaking. As you go up in carbon, you are getting less rust resistance, but typically youre adding hardenability and thus edge holding. When you go in order from 1095-1050, you generally go from more carbon to less, from better edge holding to less edge holding, and tough to tougher to toughest. The tooth falls into the notch cut into the blade tang and is held there under the spring tension. If the tang disappears into the handle itself, its called a hidden tang. See also Knife Sharpeners, and pages related to Case Pocket Knives.

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