CRKT Van Hoy Snap Fire, Aluminum Handle, ComboEdge

A new CRKT Van Hoy design, the Snap Fire with yet another new lock design that is very eye-catching. The lock incorporates a large a stainless steel wheel with "specteral titanium nitride coating" and small serrations around the circumference. One hand opening is accomplished by rotating this wheel. A compression lock secures the 2.375 inch (60 mm) AUS 8 drop point blade in place. A safety, which operates like the LAWKS we’ve seen on most CRK&T liner locks, can be used to ensure the lock doesn’t disengage inadvertently. To closing the blade you press down on that stainless wheel to disengage the lock, which actually moves the blade pivot away from the lock allowing the blade to be closed by rotating the wheel.

Price: $53.95
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Manufactured by Columbia River

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