Pentagon Light X3 Xenon Light, Hard Anodized

X3 Xenon Light produces 135 lumens, sufficient to light up your surroundings, turning darkness into daylight. Whether you are part of a SWAT team entering a crack house or a mountain climber adverturing in moonless night, X3 in our opinion has the best lumen-to-maneuverability ratio. The supersized 1.5" head is fitted with our proprietary textured reflector designed for tightly focusing the light generated into a smooth intensified light beam. The light beam is pre-focused at the factory for maximal center intensity in achieving the greatest distance. The lamp assembly is completely isolated from the rest of the light while the batteries are compartmentalized to provide X3 with excellent protection against weapon recoil. The "flaming heat-sink" design of the head ensures adequate heat dissipation for thermal management of the xenon bulb in lengthening its bulb life and optimizing its performance. All connections are sealed with double O-rings for extra protection against water leakage. The head is interchangeable for alternate light sources with optional conversion heads. The 1" diamond knurl area of the body is suitable for securing gun-mounts. A twist for constant-on and push for momentary-on PentagonLight™ signature tactical switch is featured. The anti-roll pentagonal shape tail cap makes it easy for one-hand operation. An ultra-tension titanium lanyard hook on the tail-cap is designed for attaching the included length-adjustable and detachable lanyard. Optional tail-caps are available for additional switching functions, including remote pressure pad switch tail-caps, push on/off tail-cap, and swivel belt-clip tail-cap. Three PentagonLight CR-123A lithium batteries with 10-year shelf-life are included.

  • Features
  • Xenon Gas-Filled Lamp
  • Aerospace-Grade Aluminum Body
  • Momentary and Constant On/Off Tail Switch
  • Double O-Ring Sealing for Waterproofing

  • Specifications
  • Brightness: 135 Lumens
  • Run-Time: 60 Minutes
  • Batteries: 3 CR-123A
  • Bezel Size: 1.5"
  • Length 7.0" (178mm)
  • Weight: 6.9oz (196g)

Price: $89.95
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Manufactured by Pentagon

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