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DiamondBlade Knives

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What sets DiamondBlade knives apart from all the other knives? It's their Friction Forged Technology!

Okay, so what is Friction Forged Technology?

Friction Forging® is a direct offshoot of the advanced friction stir process
technology developed to help further the space shuttle program and
 to join exotic, high strength materials, not easily processed using  conventional means.
Friction Forging® is a localized forging process concentrated
in the blade’s edge zone, using high pressure and frictional heat.
 Friction Forging® produces “nanosized” steel grain microstructures and, consequently,the finest cutting edge known to man.  

To learn more about the Friction Forged process, click here and get the information and details straight from Charles Allen himself.

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DiamondBlade, Pinnacle II Model 93FG, Ram Horn - Mosiac Pins Handle
Suggested Retail: $480.00
Our Price: $279.00
You Save: $201.00
DiamondBlade, Pinnacle II Model 93FG, Ram Horn - Mosiac Pins Handle

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