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Benchmade BM810-1401 Contego, 3.9" M390 SS Plain Blade, Blue/Black G-10 Handle

Benchmade BM810-1401 Contego, 3.9" M390 SS Plain Blade, Blue/Black G-10 Handle
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Benchmade is known for manufacturing some of the best and most popular knives available on the market today. Benchmade has consistently led the pack in technological advances. With state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques with old school, custom knife-making skills has garnered them numerous prestigious awards, and the admiration of countless satisfied customers. The Benchmade 810 Contego design by Warren Osborne has been in the top selling knives in their line since it started. The durability and utility of this knife, as well as its aggressive Osborne design features and highly valued M390 blade steel make it a must-have.

Due to the layering of the 2 colors G10 and when machined, Each knife may be slightly different in color on the handle, One may have a little more blue or a little more black in the handle. We will not be able to go through and pick these out for preferred handles.

This is a unlimited run and will not be serialized.


  • Benchmade 810-1401 Contego OSBORNE DESIGN
  • Knifeworks Exclusive
  • AXIS locking mechanism
  • Reverse tanto blade with ambidextrous thumb-stud openers
  • M390 steel blade (60-62HRC)
  • Milled blue/black G10 handle scales with stainless steel backspacer, full liners, and reversible deep carry tip-up pocket clip
Item Number: BM810-1401-H-1
Manufacturer: Knifeworks Exclusive
Manufacturer Part No: 810


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SKU BM810-1401-H-1
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Brand Benchmade Knives


Customer Reviews (34)

Incredible!Review by Pete L
First, KW got the knife to me in 2 days! That's 2 days earlier than promised! Outstanding service. Now the Knife itself. I was about to pick up a regular black blade 810. Then I read about the KW 810-1401 on blade forum. I jumped on one and just got it today! It is an incredible knife and I am thrilled! I haven't carried it for more than an hour today, but this thing is incredible. My advice, buy 2, I am already saving up for a second 810-1401! That should speak for itself. Thanks KW and Benchmade. (Posted on 10/6/2016)
To begin, knifeworks is exceptional in serive and fast delivery. I'm up to my 4th, wait 5th ;-) Benchmade knifeworks exclusive and have not been let down. I have large hands so the contego is a fantastic fit and weight for me, no hot spots on the grip so long as i hold it naturally. I've also bought the 710-1401 which i Love, but the 810-1401 is way more fierce and solid in feel, so my 910 has become my work knife. It is my 3rd 910 and none have let me down, so not bashing it by saying the contego is king. It is bulkier, but the weight and blade thickness give it the feel of a high quality full tang. I must admit that i am biased, since i've never found a better knife than a benchmade, and therefore never invested in anything else for my edc. Been buying around 10 years now. Every one is sharp, solid locking with no play, and great in the hand. The supersteel knifeworks exclusives are well worth an extra couple of bucks. These are like fine wristwatches, but i don't carry a wristwatch so what do i know really. I've got to give a shout out to my other BM KWExclusive , being the 940-1501, and the 484 in carbon fiber. Heard some knocks on 484 in particular about not being fit for large hands, but i find it to fit amazingly well in my hand. The 940 is also a fantastic fit, both being a little more ergonomic than the much larger 910. As for centering, sharpness, etc which are occasional nitpicky complaints for some benchmade collectors. Mine have all arrived very very sharp, as in you could indeed slip hairs, and the centering has never been distracting to the appeal of the piece at least to me. The 940-1 and 810-1 are hands down the sharpest knives i've ever bought. Be careful, and enjoy, and if you get hooked on these... That's ok, especially when someone asks, "does anyone have a knife?" and you get to pull out a benchmade. :-) (Posted on 5/31/2016)
After carrying the regular M4 810BK for about a year of EDC, my biggest gripe was how the coating looked – scratched, faded, and very unappealing… You mix that with the painted pocket clip (which at that point looked like crap too), and the knife looked very poor. This was purely aesthetics of course. Performance of the M4 was great, however, I always worried about the possibilities of rust – especially where I live… When I saw that KW had a uncoated M390 version of my favorite knife, I damn near shat myself. – THANK YOU KW for offering this blade, and thank you BM for letting it happen! The 1401 hit the nail on the head with all the right materials and aesthetics *** KW – As long as you keep offering uncoated exclusives/LE’s, I will be a loyal customer for life*** Thanks again, Jo (Posted on 9/24/2015)
I recently went with the Knifeworks Exclusive 810-1401 over the regular 810 Contego and couldn't be happier. Knife arrived PERFECT. Rock solid lockup, perfect blade centering, fit and finish is just perfect. I purchased this 810-1401 personalized with my name because I knew I was going to keep it for life. I'm on the fence of ordering another one so I can EDC one! Excellent job Knifeworks and Benchmade! Thank you for a beautiful knife. (Posted on 7/22/2015)
I have carried this daily for about two years with a Leatherman in its sheath. It is used several times weekly for touching up pocket knives. The coarse and medium sides together work well for taking a very dull knife and making it shaving sharp. I feel it is a worthwhile tool for anyone who carries a knife, since it allows sharpening almost any time. I do wish Buck Knives offered it in a longer version for longer knives. I think this is an excellent tool for the price, and it has become almost the only sharpener I use. (Posted on 7/22/2015)
PERFECTIONReview by B-Easy
I've had own and have handled tons of knifes so cheap as well as full custom... When I got my contego in hand, I could not believe how beautiful this knife was, how bold look, smooth it was in operation, I mean for the cost the is a wonderful piece to have in my collection. It's definitely not a knife I want to beat up on, but if I'm going out to chill or hangout this will definitely be in my rotation to carry. Thumbs up BM and Knife Works. (Posted on 5/30/2015)
ONE BADASS KNIFE.Review by Travis
I have wanted a Contego for a couple years now, but never could afford one until recently. While doing research I kept coming across this model, but thought it was gonna be a lot more, and harder to get. Fortunately I was mistaken and bought one as soon as I could, and I'm glad things work out because this knife was made for me. This is my first "premium" blade and I feel it is worth every penny. Obviously comes razor sharp, but seems to have more potential by design. Knife Works definitely kicks ass for carrying such a beautiful blade. I ordered it on Friday morning and received it Monday. and shipping was free. Highly recommend this knife, and this company. (Posted on 4/14/2015)
GREAT 810 EXCLUSIVEReview by Robert
What can i say this knife is A beautiful but tough knife. Now to get to brass tacks. Pros its a good looking and also tough knife. It has the same construction as the 810. It also has m390 which from what I have read has great edge retention and its stainless to boot. My only small criticisms is I wish it had come with the glass breaker like the original 810 I own also maybe its me but i prefer the grippiness of the original contego. anyways no really negatives its a solid knife. I always admire this bad boy when i use it in my rotation. (Posted on 3/31/2015)
GREAT 810 EXCLUSIVEReview by Robert
What can i say this knife is A beautiful but tough knife. Now to get to brass tacks. Pros its a good looking and also tough knife. It has the same construction as the 810. It also has the super steel M390 (Posted on 3/31/2015)
Let me just start off by saying that Knifeworks has an incredible customer service, and I will always take that into consideration when purchasing a knife. To my surprise, my purchase came with a complementary Lone Wolf Field Tool Kit, and that kind of hospitality is what puts Knifeworks ahead of other seller. Now, on to the actual product, the Benchmade 810-1401 Contego, Milled blue/black G-10 handle with M390 Steel. To see the knife online cannot nearly express the beauty and quality it presents when its in your hands. Fit and finish was on-point, nothing could be complained about here.The M390 Steel was not shaving sharp out of the box, but with a few runs on the sharpening stone, it was cutting hair in no time. I have not been able to test its edge retention yet, but knowing M390, it will not disappoint nor rust easily. The axis lock is, as the hype so frequently states, the best of the best. Opening and closing of the blade is as smooth as butter. The ergonomic of the handle is decent. The traction on the G-10 is just right, and the jumping along the slightly protruding edges of the liners allows for a non-slip grip. Another plus, in my opinion, was the deep-carry pocket clip. Personally, I do not like too much of the knife sticking out my pocket, and being that this is a generally large folder, it was perfect to find that the knife was easily concealable. Overall, this is a great knife and a low price for such a high value knife. Definitely a comfortable EDC knife that can perform with ease and could also be a collectable. If you haven’t bought the knife also, nows your chance. (Posted on 12/6/2014)
This is my favorite EDC. I Have owned this exact knife for at least 8 months now (rite when this model came out) and I can honestly say i use it almost every work day and i have only sharpened it 2 times. (A quick sharpen and hone with Diamond rods) M390 Super Steel holds an amazing edge that does not damage easy. My EDC for non work days is a 710 limited edition i bought from knife works in March of 2011. I Have only sharpened that knife 2 times. My other EDCs for work in the past did not compare. D2 is very strong and holds a good edge but to put it simple... M390 is like D2 on steroids. CPM-S30V was too soft and needed to be sharpened once or twice a month. 154CM's edge damages too easy and needed sharpening at least twice a month if not much more depending on use. ANYWAYS - Axis lock is the #1 folder locking mechanism. There is nothing that compares even though fans of other knife manufacturers want to think so. The action is as quick as the user, lock up is always solid when your knife is cared for and maintained (and more than likely it is if not maintained whatsoever) G2 coloring is beautiful, i love the machining on both the handle and spine. This is a larger knife, so if you need something small or are scared of larger knifes, then this would not be for you. I would indefinitely recommend this knife for tactical use. The blade design and handle fit perfectly in the hand in combat position. I Give this knife 6 stars outta 5 ☆☆☆☆☆☆ (Posted on 12/5/2014)
Received Knife today - Could not ask for a better looking and functional knife. - Thanks again KnifeWorks (Posted on 11/17/2014)
AMAZING!Review by Andrew
I bought this knife,(being my first benchmade), out of the box I love it! The handle is perfect, its RAZOR sharp, beautiful handle scales. Knifeworks has amazing customer service and great shipping. I got my knife in 3 days. I am a very satisfied customer and I will be making another perchase from them soon! BTW, compared to the original contego, the handles are more comfortable and it is just better. (Posted on 8/30/2014)
KnifeWorks and Benchmade have knocked it outa the park on this one. This is actually my first Benchmade, and I couldn't be more pleased with it. M390 steel is fantastic and the blade deploys as smoothly as any captured bearing system knife I own. Do not hesitate on this one. You won't be disappointed! (Posted on 8/20/2014)
BENCHMADE 810-1401 CONTEGO, MILLED BLUE/BLACK G10 HANDLE, M390 STEEL, KNIFEWORKSReview by Nikolay valerievich Shot
Super knife! Super Steel! I do not regret the money spent! I recommend! (Posted on 7/18/2014)
This knife is the example that there are always a room for improvement. The knife is based on renown beast, Benchmade knife company’s heavy duty folder 810. Where original model used CPM-M4, Crucible’s super tool steel and as tough as you can be. Knife works collaboration went one step further. Replaced M4 with Stainless steel that is equally tough, Bohler Udderholm M390. The feedback from used were well incorporated to this model. Carbide glass breaker was removed and I personally felt a bit disappointed, but asides from blade steel update, The G10 Blue/Black handle is smoother than original model. (Posted on 7/8/2014)
TACTICAL CLASSReview by Andrew
Received my 810 today and immediately put it in my pocket. It's true to Benchmade quality and operation and has really cool looking handle scales. The blade is big. It's almost too big for edc but I'm going to try it out. This knife is a class act and tough as nails at the same time. You get your money's worth with this piece and if you're into folding knives this one is a keeper. Had mine engraved so this ones mine for as long as I'm around. Thx Knifeworks for the speedy shipping! (Posted on 6/21/2014)
BEASTReview by Sterling
Nothing could prepare me for when I first held this knife. Never handling a contego before I honestly didn't expect it to be so huge. Compared to my 940 it feels over twice the size. However the blade was so much sharper than the factory edge on my 940. Only having this for 1 day I must defer to benchmades reputation and previous quality products. This knife is built like a tank. It is a beast. The axis lock is about 30% larger than the 940s and requires a lot more force to release, its a pro and a con. The M390 seems nice. The F&F was also flawless with only about 1mm off center and a small amount of horizontal blade play,but only when actually working at it. No vertical play at all the lockup is SOLID. Waited 3 weeks before it got to but when it did I was immediately notified and it shipped to me in 3 days. Also that is shipped to Hawaii. Very fast shipping better than Amazon standard. Thanks Knifeworks. (Posted on 6/14/2014)
BEAUTIFUL KNIFEReview by cameron
My knife just arrived. And I could not be any happier!shipped out fast and the quality is awesome the engraving was the iceing on the cake!!!! (Posted on 5/9/2014)
AWESOME SERVICE, SUPER PRODUCTReview by Raimundas Smalstys
I orderer product from UK on Thursday and on Monday morning it is here. Locap parcels take them longer. Contego is super product, I thought it is bugger , but it is just right, just how you want it as an perfect EDC (Posted on 3/31/2014)

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