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Benchmade Knives

When you hear the word Benchmade, the first thing comes to mind is an outstanding knife. Benchmade Knives, both fixed blade and folders, are known for outstanding quality and durability. Benchmade is one of the largest knife manufactures in the world, with all their knives being manufactured in the USA, which now days are hard to find. Benchmade Knives offer every compatible knife that you are looking for. Whether, you are knife collector and looking for something to put in your showcase or a sportsman needing a great field knife.


Benchmade has been designing and manufacturing the world’s finest knives and tools since 1990 starting from Bali-Song or butterfly knives. The company started out of California but found their bearing in Clackamas, Oregon. Benchmade, like most knife companies today, had humble beginnings and grew larger through their devotion to quality and their undying fortitude to produce the best knives in the world. From using second-hand machines to being one of the innovators of the knife industry through their use of non-traditional materials and manufacturing techniques, Benchmade has continually improved the quality of their knives. Benchmade offers three different product classes. Benchmade’s Gold Class line is one of the finest premium knives, also known as the best of the best. As Benchmade puts it, the Gold Class line of knives is the cross between custom and manufactured knives that merges the quality and durability of line manufactured Benchmade knives with the exclusivity and uniqueness of a custom knife. It is the ultimate line of knives that pushes the boundaries of existing knife designs and brings it to new heights. From the beautifully crafted Kulgera® Limited Edition to the functional and yet tactical looking Dual-Action™ Limited Edition, The Benchmade Gold Class knives cannot help but wow even the most exclusive of knife collectors.


Benchmade’s Blue Class line is the heart of Benchmade, these products are great for everyday carrying knife and tool, but at high quality. Whether it is the everyday carry folding icon that is the Griptilian® to the bushcraft specialist Jungle Bolo fixed blades, Benchmade’s Blue Class is its largest of its knife classes with close to 60 knives in the collection, it is bound to impress even the most discerning of knife enthusiasts. Benchmade’s Black Class line is prepared for extreme line of duty for Law Enforcement and Military that can hold up to their standards. Made to roll with the punches, the Black Class line of knives are stainless steel knives that are made from premium steel that you can rely on when your life depends on it. From the ever popular Contego™, to the Adamas® Fixed, the Black Class line of knives from Benchmade are guaranteed to perform whenever they are needed. Benchmade stands behind their products with limited lifetime warranty and life sharp service.

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