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Emerson Chisel Grind vs. V Grind

As I have explained in the definition of chisel grind in the glossary, the term chisel grind refers to the overall grind of the knife ie; the main bevel, not the edge, just as V grind refers to the main bevels of that style of blade. What you are referring to is the edge, the edge grind. All of our knives feature a single edge grind regardless if they are a chisel grind style like our model, CQC-7 or a double V ground style like our Commander model. The edge grind is the silver colored line located and visible at the bottom of the blade edge, not the main bevels.

The single edge grind produces a very strong, sharp and easily maintained edge, especially in the field. This type of edge has been used historically on many hard use grade knives,most notably several million AK-47 bayonets. In describing our knives it would be either; A chisel grind blade with a single edge grind or a double V grind blade with a single edge grind depending on which model you choose.

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