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Fissler Knives

The new generation of Fissler knives.

Knives can be so much more than sharp. Just take a look at our three new knife lines - profession, perfection and passion - and their unique designs. With these knives in your kitchen, you can rely on the outstanding quality known from Fissler.

All of the knives are precision-forged from corrosion-resistant special steel. This chromium molybdenum vanadium alloy makes the blades extremely resistant and durable.

A special buffing step gives the blades razor-blade sharpness that lasts a long time and endures precise cutting.
The knives have nonslip plastic handles that provide a truly secure grip fro cutting. All of the knives in the three lines are manufactured in Germany.

The ergonomic design of the handles and the harmonious balance of the knives make it possible for you to work with them for a long time without tiring.

The seamless transition from the handle to the blade means easy cleaning and hygienic work.

Fissler also offers four knives with Asian blade shapes for everyone who enjoys Asian cooking.

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