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Marttiini Knives

Marttiini has manufactured knives in Rovaniemi, Finland since Janne Marttiini established the knife factory in 1928. The Marttiini product assortment covers knives for hunting, fishing, camping, collectors, household and professional use. Marttiini-knives are made for the user! The Marttiini knife factory has a long tradition in combining handicraft skills and practical needs. For people in the arctic region, a knife has always been an important means of survival in harsh conditions. Knives were necessity in collecting firewood and making a fire, making tools and implements, construction, hunting, fishing and preparing the kill for cooking and eating. Nobody left home without a knife: many wanderers were saved by the knife on their belt which they used instead of an ice pick if the ice broke and the wanderer ended up in the cold water. Knife handling was learned at an early age. Knives were produced for men, women and minors so that the knives would suite the user´s size, strength and purpose of use. Knives meant to be worn at festive occasions alongside Sunday-best clothing are equipped with nicely decorated sheaths, handles and ferrules.

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