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The idea of being able to offer hunters, anglers and outdoor enthusiasts premium outdoor products made in the United States using American-made components at a competitive price prompted the creation of the Outdoor Recreation Company of America. Cliff Walker, a veteran of the building and trade industry, and hardcore hunter decided to use his business acumen, passion for the outdoors and sense of pride in America to create a company that could produce what he couldn’t seem to find – at any price – high-end outdoor products made in the USA that performed as advertised.

ORCA coolers, made in America’s heartland, are the successful result. ORCA, however, isn’t just about selling product. The company recognizes its corporate responsibility and the need to give back to those who have helped make it successful. In that vein, the sale of ORCA products helps give back to conservation groups, wounded warrior programs, breast cancer research and many other great causes.

ORCA IS TRUE TO SIZE - When we say 20 quart or 40 quart, we mean it. ORCA Coolers are built to spec so that you know you have the capacity to keep your game or food properly stored while out and about.

LIFETIME WARRANTY - Buy your ORCA Cooler from an authorized ORCA Coolers dealer and register online. From then on Orca will take care of your cooler should it not perform up to their standards. For more information please click here.

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