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Scagel Knives

Bill Scagel (1875-1963) was perhaps one of the most influential knifemakers of all time. Scagel style knives have been admired and copied for nearly 100 years. Bill Scagel began making knives in the early 1900s while working at a lumber camp and later at a railroad. Sometime around 1920 he settled in Michigan, built a shop and began his long full-time career of making knives, axes, whimsical metal artwork, cookware, and boats. After Scagel's death in 1963, there was no one to carry forward his work. It was not until about a decade ago that a custom knifemaker took up Scagel's mantle and began making real Scagel knives again.

A Scagel knife was the inspiration for Bo Randall to start making knives after he purchased a handmade Scagel knife in 1937 that was being used to scrape paint off of a boat. Scagels influence can be seen in many knives made today by well-known knifemakers who pay homage to Bill by continuing to make his style of knives. 21st century Scagel® knives are made with the same useful style and flair we are accustomed to seeing from Bill Scagel, but with the added quality and usability of modern knives. They are the best of both worlds.

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