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Spyderco Knives

Spyderco is definitely out of the norm in the knife industry in their dedication to researching and developing fresh, improved and better performing materials all with function and reliability being key. Anybody who knows knives will recognize a Spyderco knife from a mile away. From the somewhat unconventional blade design to the Spyder hole, Spyderco knives have made a mark in the industry ever since the reveal of the C01 in 1981. The recognizable appearance is a result of designing ergonomic functional tools rather than applying lipstick and nylons to a pocket knife. Spyderco is not afraid to push the envelope and make design decisions that other knife makers would not even dream of. The knives may look curious, homely, whatever, but they'll never be called unusable or undependable.


In an effort to make the best cutlery tools, Spyderco has never stopped improving its own design as well as collaborating with the most noteworthy knife makers and designers. This collaboration has produced a good number of equally noteworthy lines of knives that are not only Spyderco but retains the elements that made the collaborators such big names in the industry. Collaborators like Ed Schempp who first fell in love with knives when he was just 5 years old and collaborated with Spyderco in 2000 that resulted in the making of the Persian and the Tuff. Schempp is indeed the most successful collaborator for Spyderco. He is closely followed by other notable knife designers such as Spyderco’s first ever collaborator, Bob Terzuola (1988) who designed the C15 which was Spyderco’s first liner locking folder. Terzuola also designed a few more knives for Spyderco such as the Double Bevel, Slipit and Starmate. Another collaborator who not only designed for Spyderco but was instrumental in many of the company’s development is Frank Centofante who was one of the most influential names in the knife industry and one of the best knives he designed was a result of his collaboration with Spyderco, the Centofante III. After he passed away in 2009, the Memory was released to honor this legendary knife maker. Making knives that consistently deliver reliable high-performance requires an ongoing commitment to testing and development. Not just through designing and collaborating with knife makers to produce new knives but to continually improve on existing knives. Spyderco is not just a knife maker.


Spyderco also produces various accessories like various kinds of lanyards and sharpeners ensuring that they provide ample support tools for knife enthusiasts all around the world. When you purchase a Spyderco you are buying a high-quality reliable cutting tool designed and manufactured for peak performance and ergonomic comfort. They put safety and performance together with the development of the knives. With a Spyderco knife, you know that you have a reliably tough knife that will roll with the punches and keep on coming. Those Who Know Carry Spyderco.

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