Liger Gun Belt, Black 1.5 in Belt, Silver Buckle, Waist 36

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Liger Gun Belt, Black 1.5 in Belt, Silver Buckle, Waist 36

Liger Gun Belt,  Black 1.5 in Belt,  Silver Buckle, Waist 36
Liger Gun Belt,  Black 1.5 in Belt,  Silver Buckle, Waist 36

The Black LIGER Belt with titanium gray hard-anodized buckle is ideal for undercover, plain clothes work, and CCW. Super discrete, it looks and works great on any color jeans, 5.11 tactical pants, most dress slacks, and even on a dark suit.

The Ligerthane belt material is a 21st century composite developed by LIGER PRODUCTS. Thanks to its high-strength resin-embedded polyester fabric core, Ligerthane possesses over 2,000 lbs of tensile strength with over 300 lbs of hole pull strength. The highly abrasion- resistant polyurethane coating makes the belt totally impervious to water, mildew, rot and resistant to many common solvents. Ligerthane is flexible along its length for comfort yet stiff along its width so you can carry holsters, sheaths, or pouches without the belt sagging or twisting. Ligerthane has a super grip interior so the belt stays put and a LigerDerm patterned exterior that gives it the look and feel of leather; its nice enough to wear with your BDUs or dress pants and perfect for discrete CCW. Best of all, Ligerthane is easy-to-clean, just rinse with mild detergent and wipe dry.

The LIGER Gun Belt buckle is painstakingly machined from a solid billet of T6-6061 aircraft aluminum with our exclusive integral hook design. After a two-step finishing process, Type-III hard-anodized finish (MILSPEC-A-8625) is applied for incredible wear resistance. The LIGER buckle and Ligerthane belt are riveted together using robust 3/16 stainless steel rivets resulting in a strong, permanent one-piece construction.

  • LIGER belt sizing is based on ACTUAL WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE in inches. Each belt is handmade one at a time upon receipt of order based on the sizing information you provide. In order to prevent ordering an incorrect size and to insure a tailored fit, please carefully read the following simple measuring instructions:
  • 1. Do NOT order according to your pants size. Measure your waist circumference in inches with a cloth tailors tape (or a measuring tape).
  • 2. Put the tape through the loops on your pants as you would usually wear them, measuring all the way around your waist with any equipment you wear on your belt or inside your waist band like guns, knives, phones, pouches, etc.
  • 3. This waist circumference measurement is your primary size, if it is an odd number (ex: 41 inches), order the next higher even number size (Size 42).
  • 4. We provide two additional holes on either side of the primary hole at one inch intervals for fine adjustment.
  • LIGER PRODUCTS extends a limited lifetime warranty covering all products against manufacturer's defects including flaws in material and workmanship. Products covered under our warranty will be repaired or replaced at our discretion, free of charge.
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