Doug Ritter RSK Mk2 Perseverance (Knifeworks Exclusive)

Doug Ritter RSK Mk2 Perseverance (Knifeworks Exclusive)

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Doug Ritter RSK Mk2 Perseverance (Knifeworks Exclusive)
Doug Ritter RSK Mk2 Perseverance (Knifeworks Exclusive)
The Doug Ritter RSK® Mk2 Perseverance™ is a departure from Doug's usual take on survival gear, which generally leans towards light and compact. The RSK® Mk2 is anything but that, however it does represent his take on the "sharpened pry bar" school of survival knife design. Ethan Becker is widely considered the father of that concept, the person who popularized it, and a close friend of Doug's, so when the time came to start designing a heavy duty fixed blade Ritter Survival Knife (hence "RSK"), it only made sense that Doug talked to Ethan about the concept.

A long eight years later that collaboration has finally given birth to the aptly named Doug Ritter RSK® Mk2 Perseverance™. As a name for a survival knife, it also rings true. In many cases, the difference between living and dying is exactly that, perseverance.
As with the original Doug Ritter RSK® Mk1, one of the guiding principles in developing the Doug Ritter RSK® Mk2 Perseverance™ was to provide an exceptional value. Becker knives already had a well-deserved reputation for providing an incredible price to performance ratio, which has been one of the keys to their success. The challenge was to not mess that up.  Doug has succeeded, producing an extraordinary hard use fixed blade knife, a knife you can bet your life on®, at a price that is a good value for a low-rate production blade. That's the rub. You can't do a high quality, low-rate production knife for the same low cost as you can a more mass produced production knife such as Ethan's KA-BAR Becker Knife & Tool knives. We  hope that you find the unique properties of Doug's RSK® Mk2 Perseverance™ are worth the extra cost.
Becker's trademark ergonomic handle scales of molded Swiss GV6H thermoplastic polymer provide the ultimate in strength, well proven in years of field and actual combat use.  Overall length of the RSK® Mk2 is 11.375 inches (28.89 cm) with a 6-inch (15.24 cm) drop point blade, 0.188" thick.  Steel is 1095 high carbon steel, heat treated to 57 HRC. This will take a good edge, is very tough and sharpens easily.  With a chord of 1.625" and a high grind, it makes for a decent slicer. It's a knife first, pry bar and chopper second.
Doug prefers a perfectly balanced blade in a knife this size, but there are many, such as Ethan, who prefer to have a more tip-forward bias in their larger knives. In a moment of inspiration (or perhaps insanity, if you ask Ethan), Doug came up with an idea that would allow both options, without breaking the bank.  Three brass 1/8-inch NPT tapered plugs in the tang, under the handle, allowed an owner to customize the balance to suit their particular preference. Doug has dubbed this "Personal Balance™" and a patent is pending. 
The entire blade and tang are given a tough Charcoal Gray powdercoating. The knife is laser engraved on the front side with the Doug Ritter-Becker collaboration logo and serial number on the blade and U.S.A. on the butt. The reverse side has the ROWEN mark and on the butt is the patent pending notice.
The 1095 steel is not rust resistant in the least, so you will need to take appropriate care of the blade to prevent rust, including the laser engraved portions and the threaded holes for the tapered plugs if the plugs are removed. I recommend a dry film rust inhibitor such as Sentry Solutions TUF-CLOTH or TUF-GLIDE, but you can use any rust preventative or treatment you prefer, or none at all. If you do not take precautions, it will rust. Rusting of the knife is NOT covered by the warranty.
The sheath follows in the Becker tradition, taken up a notch.
What you get is a sturdy black nylon sheath with a heat molded Kydex insert and a pocket on the front.
The ballistic Nylon sheath is made in Mexico, the Kydex sheath insert is made in the USA. The pocket has an elastic top and is big enough to hold an Altoids tin. The flap over the pocket is embroidered with the Doug Ritter/Becker logo in gray thread. The handle retaining strap has a stiffener to make it easy to unsnap one-handed. Lashing points are provided top and bottom and the back is Molle compatible.
Doug Ritter RSK® Mk2
Design  Ethan Becker & Doug Ritter
Blade Material   1095 hardened to 57 HRC
Blade Length      6 in. (15.24 cm)
Blade Thickness                0.188 in. (4.78 mm)
Blade Shape       Wide-Chord Drop Point
Blade Grind        High Flat Grind
40º inclusive edge, 8º bevel
Overall Length   11.375 in. (28.89 cm)
Balance                Variable Perfect Balance™
Weight (full up)                13.2 oz. (374 g)
Weight (w/ all 3 brass plugs removed)    12.8 oz. (363 g)
Tang Style           Full, extends past handle material at rear, lanyard hole
Blade/Tang Finish            Charcoal Gray Powdercoat
Handle Material                Black Glass Reinforced Swiss GV6H
Multi-carry Ballistic Nylon w/ ambidextrous molded Kydex liner
The Doug Ritter RSK® Mk2 is made in the USA by Rowen Manufacturing (best known for producing knives for TOPS and ESEE).  The sheath is made in Mexico.
  RSK® Mk2 WARRANTY: Break it, we'll replace it™ for the life of the knife or we'll refund the purchase price to the original purchaser, your choice. Rust, corrosion or discoloration of the 1095 steel and wear from use or sharpening is not warranted.
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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each Doug Ritter RSK® Knife goes to support the non-profit Equipped To Survive Foundation. In addition, for the RSK® Mk2 Ethan Becker is donating his royalty to Equipped To Survive Foundation.
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