Folding Knives

For a sharp edge and a smooth fold, choose none other than Knife Works! As with our other collections of knives and tactical gear, we’ve got a truly impressive stock of tactical folding knives. Working with only the most impressive and most reliable of tactical brands, you’re sure to find just what you’re looking for. From Benchmade, to HTM, to Puma, we’ve got just the tactical knife for you!

Whether you’re a hunter, searching for sturdy folding hunting knives to get you through the early morning hours, a fisherman, looking for a sharp edge to slice through thick ropes and fishing line, or in the military, in search of military folding knives to use within those life-or-death situations, you’ll find just the edge that you’re after in each of our knives!

From knives to backpacks to sunglasses and more, don’t miss out on our impressive collection of essential tactical gear!